A New Future - Tooth Bioengineered

Recent advancement in stem-cell regenerative bioengineering therapy allows bioengineered tooth buds to be acquired for laboratory animals, and would certainly be a better, effective, clinically applicable tooth replacement treatment. Tooth loss is a global health concern that actually impacts millions of people worldwide. It affects not only mastication and pronunciation but also a number of physiological and psychological issues. The new quality gold procedure for removing the tooth is dental implants. Bioengineered tooth is one of the regenerative products where tissue engineering is carried out using stem cells. Stem cells are defined as clonogenic cells capable of both self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation. They are also known as “progenitor or precursor” cells. A stem cell is essentially the building block of the human body. Several experiments were attempted to regenerate teeth in vitro and in vivo using the same stem cell mix. Dental tissue engineering is a new promising therapeutic approach that aims to replace the missing tooth with a bioengineered tooth or to restore the damaged dental tissue. The ability to obtain and manipulate postnatal tissues easily from individuals to generate biologic replacement tooth materials, such as dentin, enamel, and periodontal ligament, or, even better, replace teeth of predetermined size and shape entirely, is extremely valuable. Present research clearly supports the effectiveness of adult stem cells to fix and regenerate different deformities, like "Bioengineered tooth buds," which would certainly be a better alternative tooth restoration treatment to any that actually exist, which would be a new worldwide frontier throughout the foreseeable future. JDRP is an open access peer review journal who publishes different types of articles related to the field of dental or tooth problems, its cure, diagnosis and treatment. People who are interested in submitting their article can go through the URL link https://www.lexispublisher.com/online-submission.html