Alternative HIV Therapies


Many people with HIV or AIDS, in tandem with conventional medical therapies, use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to improve their health and wellbeing. There is some evidence that some symptoms of HIV infection or AIDS may be treated by CAM treatments. Research on the use of CAM treatments for relieving HIV or AIDS symptoms is relatively limited. However, it has been shown that certain traditional CAM treatments improve the symptoms of other illnesses. In certain cases, for anyone with HIV infection or AIDS these therapies may be worth a try. For certain patients, yoga and physical therapy may help to relieve pain. ResearchTrusted Source has shown that yoga can also enhance general wellbeing feelings, and alleviate anxiety and depression. Even levels of CD4 cells, which are immune cells damaged by HIV, have been shown to be increasing. Acupuncture can aid in side effects of nausea and other treatment. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine practise which involves placing small, solid needles on the body at different pressure points. This will release hormones which can help alleviate pain in the body. We should use herbal medicinal products with caution. There is insufficient evidence to support the use of these medications to alleviate symptoms of HIV. Milk thistle is a natural herb that is used in humans to enhance liver function and does not significantly interfere with antivirals. But note that other herbs will interfere with traditional HIV treatments. Appetite loss is common among HIV sufferers. And certain antiviral drugs can disrupt the stomach and make it more difficult to keep up with the scheduled doses of medication. Marijuana can help to relieve pain, reduce nausea and increase appetite. But medical marijuana is only legal in some states. Furthermore, smoking marijuana is associated with many of the same threats to health as consuming any drug. Further information can be offered by a health care provider. This review tells about the future scope of the new invention towards the field of HIV /AIDS and their medicinal treatment. People who are interested can send their article towards our journal for publication through this