Effectiveness of Sensitive Paste with Natural Extract


The sensitivity of the tooth also called as Dentin Hypersensitivity, the hypersensitivity of the dentin is not a personal concern and is easily rectified by the standard oral hygiene process. Dentin hypersensitivity is not pathological defects associated with teeth, it is medically described as a painful reaction to thermal, chemical, mechanical or osmotic stimulant treatment applied to opened dentinal tubules.

Dentinal tubules are responsible and play a crucial role in Dentin hypersensitivity; it helps to transfer the stimulant and irritant potential up to the pulp. Blocking of dentinal tubules and reduce the diameter of dentinal tubules are helpful to get rid-off from the sensitivity issue of teeth. Many scientists have shown that dentin hypersensitivity has been minimized by the toothpaste containing the 5 percent potassium and its salt usage up to 5 to eight weeks. However, no authentic mechanism for reaction has yet been confirmed.

Many scientists have revealed that potassium ions are deposited in the cavities of dentin and temporarily prevent the sensitive issue; and continuous use is helpful in depositing more potassium ions.

 It was observed from the patients before and after use of the Herbal Sensitive toothpaste; around 0.85 gingival index score reduced before and after treatment. Gum strengthening was confirmed by reduction of redness, edema and glazing from the all the patients who have used the Sensitive toothpaste. Gum Smoothening was confirmed from the reduction towards bleeding on probing after the use of sensitive toothpaste by the patients.

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