Expanded Effects of HIV / AIDS Study


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the most widely researched viruses in nature, and much remarkable scientific advancement have arisen from developments in HIV / AIDS research, including an in-depth knowledge of viral genetics, pathogenesis and life-saving antiretroviral therapies.

HIV is one of history's most intensively researched viruses, contributing to a greater understanding of viral evolution and pathogenesis. In the field of antiretroviral therapy, though, the most remarkable advancements in HIV / AIDS work have arrived.

The massive investment in HIV work is adequately explained and confirmed solely on the basis of practical developments pertaining to HIV / AIDS. However, this investment's collateral benefits above and above HIV / AIDS have been significant, leading to discoveries and practical developments in different, complex, and unrelated areas of biomedical science and medicine.

Congenital immunodeficiency’s were described as "nature experiments," by which a specific defect in a single component of the complex immune system sheds light on the whole system. This is the case with AIDS, an inherited immune system deficiency in which HIV directly and selectively infects and kills the T lymphocyte CD4 + group.

Targeted development of antiviral drugs didn't start with HIV infection. However, the massive advances in NIH-funded biomedical research and drug production sponsored by pharmaceutical firms culminated in highly successful antiretroviral drugs targeting reverse transcriptase, protease, and integrase enzymes, among other weak points in the HIV replication chain.

AIDS research aimed at developing broadly reactive HIV neutralizing antibodies and an HIV vaccine that could induce broadly neutralizing antibodies has greatly advanced the field of human B-cell lineage interrogation, leading to greater insight into the humoral response to other infectious diseases, including Ebola, Zika, and influenza, as well as a range of autoimmune, neoplastic, and other infectious diseases.

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