Geriatric Health


The global population is aging, and the growing awareness of the importance of promoting healthy aging is becoming increasingly relevant to physicians of many disciplines and fields of expertise. The complex issues affecting the health of older adults demand a multidisciplinary and coordinated personalized approach. The acquisition of an array of medical conditions and comorbidities with advancing age with a background of age-related physiological changes slowly diminishes functional and cognitive reserve.

While health issues play a central role in this composite and interesting tapestry woven around the older adult, other facets become increasingly relevant. These include family and social support, housing conditions, the availability of health care resources, government policy and funding. While disease prevention and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle often remain in the shadows of organized health care, these factors constitute the key to a happier and more successful life at older age. Healthy living helps to improve physiological reserve and enable us to cope better with the array of conditions acquired as we age.

Recognizing the importance of these issues, the Geriatric Section of Frontiers in Medicine has decided to publish a unique collection of review articles composed by distinguished researchers under the title The health of the older adults. This Flagship Research Topic will cover aspects such as the aging of populations and individuals, medical conditions prevalent in older people, the preservation of function and rehabilitation, the influence of genetics and epigenetics on the process of longevity, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the need for clear planning in health care and policy, and a look to the future.

We are convinced that this Research topic will help to arouse an increased interest in the health of the elderly.


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