Natural history of HIV infection


Information about the natural history of HIV quickly accrued in the early days of the HIV epidemic. But the widespread use of effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) has caused a shift in the research community's emphasis away from natural history studies to those of treated infection. Nonetheless, our understanding of natural history has seen many developments in recent years. In the absence of Medicine, the normal course of untreated HIV infection differs widely with certain HIV-positive individuals who are able to maintain elevated CD4 cell counts and/or suppressed viral load. Although there is increasing evidence that initiation of ART during primary infection may prevent the immunological deterioration which would otherwise be seen in untreated HIV infection, recent studies do not address the longer term clinical benefits of ART at this very early stage. A better understanding of the relative influences of viral, host, and environmental factors on the natural course of HIV infection has the potential to identify novel targets for intervention to prevent and treat HIV-infected persons. This review tells about the future scope of the new invention towards the field of HIV /AIDS and its treatment. People who are interested can send their article towards our journal for publication through this link