The age of future dentistry: recent developments in restorative dentistry and future prospects


As the year is passing, many new inventions are occurring in the field of dental and day by day people are also starting using the new products and mechanism for the treatment of dental problems. Through dentistry the main aim is to provide patients with the best dental treatment. It can also be done with the aid of a trained dental professional and their staff. Science is witnessing great changes every day which are moving mankind into a new age of dentistry. Clinicians with decades of knowledge or the dental history student should look back at the advances in dentistry and clearly state that the dental profession has undergone an impressive amount of technical advancement. Yet in contrast with medicine, biomedical engineering, automotive and aeronautical engineering, medicines, rapid manufacturing, telecommunications, and others, dentistry continues to be more than a decade behind the widespread acceptance or introduction of new technologies. This review article focuses on the various future opportunities for restorative dentistry and its clinical applications. People who are interested in submitting their article can go through the URL link